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Designing Together Wedding Dress

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* I certify that my measurements submitted are correct and taken by a professional seamstress. I understand that measurements taken by yourself are usually incorrect and lead too poor sizes. I understand that Alena Fede will make a recommendation on sizing but it is ultimately my decision and responsibility. I also understand that Alena Fede is not responsible for measurements that are submitted incorrectly, weight fluctuation from time of original order and some alterations might be expected. Due to that fact that all dresses are made to order, there are no cancellations, changes, credits, exchanges or returns on the dress and all sales are final. I have read and understood the above mentioned statements.
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Bridal party ordering process

When should I place my order?

We advise ordering your dresses at least 16 weeks before your wedding date. It will take approximately 12-16 weeks for you to receive your dresses. Please allow 4 extra weeks to give you time to have any necessary alterations completed. We can accommodate rush orders (less than 12 weeks) depending on our production schedule, please contact us for details.


Does Alena Fede offers any type of discounts for multiple orders?

If you order your Bridesmaids dresses together with your Wedding Gown receive 10% discount on your dress!

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